Primer: Cash Dummy Crash Tests

I’m a natural experimenter and one of my favorite things to do is poke and prod at different tools, techniques, gadgets, and the like to suss out exactly how they work.  I absolutely LOVE messing around with the latest doodads, and one of the things I’m most looking forward to with this blog is a series of features I’m calling Cash Dummy Crash Tests.

In these fun little experiments, I’ll get my grubby mitts on all sorts of apps, services, and other goodies and tear into them to see what works for me and what doesn’t.  The goal is to find the things that give the biggest return on investment for folks in similar circumstances; since I’m working from a profoundly average income here, my hope is that this will help as many you as possible.

A few of the Crash Tests I have in the pipeline include:

  • Qapital for automatic savings
  • You Need A Budget (YNAB)
  • Mint for financial tracking
  • Personal Capital for tracking investments and net worth
  • Ting, Republic Wireless, Project Fi, Mint SIM, and other affordable mobile phone carriers

These aren’t one-off posts either, I’ll update them over a period of weeks or months (as long as necessary for concrete, accurate feedback).  My goal here is to capture exactly what results I’m getting, as I get them, in real time.  I actively encourage you to work through these with me and share what you’re seeing in the comments or via social media as well.  The more of us we throw at a wall the quicker we can break it down!

I’m also opening the floor to you, my fellow Cash Dummies.  If there’s a tool, technique, or strategy that you’ve been dying to check out but haven’t had the chance, let me know.  I’ll happily throw myself at it with the zeal and relish of an over-caffeinated chihuahua pouncing on a Chicago hot dog.  I can’t guarantee I’ll have time to jump on every single request since I do still work full-time and have a mess of extremely energetic children.  You can bet I’ll do my best to give the people what they want, however!

The first Crash Test with Qapital will be posted this week, check back soon and don’t hesitate to send in your requests!  I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you are interested in!

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