Enter the Cash Dummy

Here’s the deal: I didn’t retire at 30.  I don’t save 75% of my family’s gross income.  I don’t own my house or car free and clear.  I even have some nagging credit card debt still skulking around the dank basement of my money bin.  Looking back, I’ve made more than my share of terrible financial decisions, virtually all of which can be traced back to a single source: lack of knowledge.

“Why the hell should I listen to this clown?”, you’re probably asking yourself, “he’s not some mustache-twirling financial wizard, he’s just like me!”.

EUREKA!  That’s the whole point.

How many of us have read the popular finance and business books/blogs/TED talks/etc and thought:

  • “Wow, that makes a lot of sense, I’d love to try it but I’m stuck living paycheck to paycheck…”
  • “That’s all well and good, Mr. Rich Dude, but I didn’t have some business guru mentoring me on every aspect of how to manage my money from the age of 10…”
  • “Hey, I’d love to save a huge portion of my income to use for investing, but my spouse and I don’t both work cushy six-figure jobs…”

I’ve been there myself.  But here’s the thing: that’s exactly why you’re reading this.  I’m not writing about what I did ten years in the past to achieve Financial Independence and Retire Early (commonly referred to as FIRE), I’m writing about what I’m doing, what’s working or not working and why in real time.  Consider me your own personal crash test dummy, throwing myself full-speed into the barriers between us and the financial life that so far we’ve only dreamt of.

We don’t smash crash dummies into stuff just because it looks cool either (that’s just a bonus), we do it to make things safer and better for everyone.  That’s why I’m here.  I’ll take the guesswork out of unraveling the often complex and intimidating choices and challenges that drag down the 80% of Americans who believe they won’t have enough set aside to live off of during retirement.

If you’re ready to hit the gas on your own FIRE road trip (or even if you’re not), hop on in and buckle up.  We’ll be there before you know it.